Lipedema: Often Confused with Lymphedema

Lipedema vs Lymphedema : What is the difference?

Objectives The goal of this program is to provide physical therapists with an overview of lipedema, including etiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical manifestations, treatment options, and differential diagnosis with lymphedema. Describe the etiology, pathophysiology, and risk factors of lipedema Describe ...
Lipedema Symptoms Diagnosis Causes Treatment

Lipedema – Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments, Causes

Lipedema affects up to 11% of women. It occurs when fat is deposited abnormally beneath the skin, usually in the buttocks and legs. Although it begins as a cosmetic concern, it can progress to cause pain and other problems. Symptoms of Lipedema The typical symptoms of lipedema are a disproportionately ...
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